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One to One Scanning System

With our marked cards and our own Scanning system, you have the one-to-one scanning system. What does it mean? It means that only you, with the one-to-one scanning system, that can predict the results of the game you are playing. No any other player can do this even if they are using any scanning system. This is extremely miraculous for the game players. If you have any question, please E-mail us.

Hardware components of the system:

1. A host machine (an Iphone, Nokia or Blackberry phone, etc.)

2. A scanning camera (The camera can be installed in the phones, car keys, lighters, etc.)

3. A small earpiece

4. Barcode marked cards

5. A loudspeaker (used for testing the working condition of the system)

This system is able to tell you:

1. The first winner of the present game

2. The first and the second winners of the present game

3. The ranks of all the players in the game


This system is of high technology. It will respond to you within 0.5 second after it has scanned the barcode marked cards with 100% accuracy rate. It does worth a try!



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Name: Thang IP: Time: 2018-12-23 17:04:42
Content: More information and the price pls,.
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry about our products, I have sent you email, please check and reply, thanks

Name: Richardaxock IP: Time: 2018-12-20 16:31:13
Content: Hello. And Bye.
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry about our products, I have sent you Whatsapp, please check and reply, thanks

Name: Cuong Nguyen IP: Time: 2018-09-27 06:34:49
Content: How much for this please. Would also like to get something that can vibrate to tell which seat wins. Also 10 copag, KEM or Fournier EPT plastic barcode cards. Please price express DHL delivery as well.
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry about Copag, Kem, Fournier EPT plastic barcode marked cards, I have sent you Whatsapp message, please check and reply, thanks

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